I have been working with clay for 14 years and have worked as a full-time potter for the past 2 ½ years selling at local markets.   While most of my pots are functional, I have recently started to play with sculptural ceramic forms as well. I decorate my pots with several layers of different color glazes that react to one another in a way that creates visual interest.  My pots are fired at a cone 6 oxygen rich environment because I like how bright and vibrant the glazes are at this temp, yet they still have stoneware strength to withstand daily use. I love the thought that people are using and enjoying my work on a daily basis.  I pay a lot of attention to the weight of my work, not only that they need to be light enough to be used comfortably, but also to have a physical and aesthetic balance.

Clay has certain joyfulness to it and I am amazed by how it allows me to share this happiness with others.  My pots all have amusing and relatable personalities because I try to mimic the human form through posture and expression.  Nothing makes me happier than when a customer walks into my booth and ends up with a giant smile on their face, matching the faces on some of my pots.